2013—Day 307—Red Rocks

Melinda, Lonnie, and I spent Saturday in Sedona. The red rocks are breathtaking and the vivid blue sky is stunning. But both Melinda and I worried that the cloudless sky would result in mediocre shots. We were pleased that late in the afternoon, clouds suddenly appeared to stud the azure sky with cottony wisps that set off the red rocks even more stunningly and enhanced the blue of the sky.

I took all of these shots at The Chapel of the Holy Cross, a Catholic chapel that emerges from the red rocks outside of Sedona. It was built in the early 1950’s and its setting is awe-inspiring. While I am not remotely religious and I am certainly not Catholic, it is set in such a beautiful location that one cannot help but be spiritually affected. I was pleased that when I entered the chapel, lightening didn’t strike me dead. Perhaps it was my contribution to the alms box that kept me safe.

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