2013—Day 329—Bubble Bath

When I noticed the fountain needed water (Mady has been drinking from the fountain base instead of from her water bowl) I dragged the hose over to refill it and the hummers were waiting for their morning bath in the bubble. So, camera at the ready (D7100 with 70-200mm attached, speed light on, auto focus set to continuous, and shutter speed set to 1/800–love that high speed sync) I managed to capture two of the three hummers bathing together in the bubble. The hummers are very possessive about their bubble bath and will not leave even when I’m planted in a chair, lens pointed in their direction, speed light flashing. Still, as prepared as I was, it is almost impossible to keep them in focus and they dart so quickly that most of the shots of them in flight are blurred, the auto focus feature focusing on the background leaves instead of the hummers. They move so quickly, I am not managing to manually focus on them let alone to keep them in tack sharp focus. Fortunately, I have lots of opportunity to practice as my little family of hummers (three were there this morning) likes the amenities in the Smith garden.

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Day 328-103

Day 328-104

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