2013—Day 308—Area Fifty-two?

Last evening was my last in Arizona and because the sky is relatively dark there and it was clear, I decided to try photographing heavenly bodies which we were hoping to do in Wyoming but the weather didn’t cooperate while we were there. I was expecting to see the Milky Way and after some manipulating, I exposed a bit of it but most interesting to me was the odd UFO-looking thing that I didn’t see while I was outside but which was revealed in post processing. Could this be an extension of Area Fifty-one? Perhaps, Area Fifty-two?

Day 307-3-2

3 thoughts on “2013—Day 308—Area Fifty-two?

  1. The stars are just amazing in the AZ sky! I thnk it was an alien trying to get your attention. The New Age stuff got to me :)!

  2. Yes- it might have followed us back from Sedona! But I did read (seriously) about a comet visible in the sky right now. But this looks more alien than comet- OK, I’ve got chills now- I’ll stop. Miss having you here- the boys are still glued to sports on TV. . .

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