2013—Day 209—While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ron’s guitar came to life again last night at Famous Mo’s. Kyle Rowland, a talented young blues harmonica player, asked my permission to play the guitar, which hangs on the wall at Famous Mo’s. He told me he just wanted to rehearse something with his band in the Green Room. Kyle played Ron’s guitar after his show in May when he appeared on our stage for the first time. At that time, he tuned the guitar and played it for me after everyone had gone home. He must have liked what he heard because after the first set last night, Kyle reappeared alone on the stage with Ron’s guitar and performed a solo set. When the set was over, Kyle walked to the wall and respectfully replaced the guitar in its holder. That guitar still has a deep throaty sound, sort of like Ron’s voice, and it did my heart good to hear it again so I know Ron would have been pleased to hear it too and to know that it is appreciated.

Last night was a fun evening at Famous Mo’s and I met another photographer who recommended that I take a photo of Kyle’s harmonica case. I told her I had already done that the last time Kyle played at Mo’s. After thinking about this post and linking it to the previous post when Kyle played Ron’s guitar, I realized I had never shared the photo of Kyle’s harmonica collection, so, thanks to my new friend, Patti, I’m including a photo I took of it a couple of months ago.

Kyle Rowland 2 -227

Day 138-141

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