2013—Day 210—Hummer In The Morning

I couldn’t resist running outside to photograph the hummers this morning. All my camera gear is in the trunk of my car so I had to go with the 24-70mm lens again. When the two that were bathing in the fountain flew into the shrubs, I stepped into the brambly mess behind the fountain and took some shots. What I learned today is that I really do need to remember to switch to manual focus when I am trying to get a subject behind something else, like nine jillion twigs and leaves. This morning’s effort resulted in one in focus shot out of ten; the camera took over after I thought it was focused on the hummer and decided it preferred the leaves and twigs.

I did like this one, though. I did minimal processing because I don’t have any time this morning. I decreased the clarity a bit which actually surprised me; doing so resulted in a clearer shot. I also increased contrast and saturation and cropped it.

Day 210-22

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