2013—Day 208—Reflecting

I have been reflecting a lot today about how sporadic I’ve been posting to this blog which has been such a dominant part of my life for the past two and a half years. Despite the fact that it is my blog to do with as I please and I am under no obligation to anyone other than myself to keep it up, I feel tremendous guilt. In Focus Daily has been a wonderful creative outlet for me and I have learned so much about photography since I began publishing it, so I plan to keep blogging away. However, my infrequent posts of late make me think I may (when I get some time) need to restructure it a bit so that I will alleviate some of my guilt for not posting everyday. Okay, that said, I have been taking lots of photos this week, I just haven’t been posting them on my blog. Most have found their way to Famous Mo’s Facebook Page because we had bands at Famous Mo’s Thursday and Friday and I’ll be taking photos at Mo’s again tonight for our third band of the week.

Now that my guilty conscience is somewhat assuaged by talking about my inability to keep up with my blog, I did spend a couple of hours this afternoon struggling with another kind of reflection, reflections on glass. I am trying to create a trio of black and white photos that will be printed on canvas and that will be hung at Famous Mo’s. My favorite of the three is an empty wine glass that I have blogged about previously. Here are the links to those previously photographed wine glasses: my first try, and my second try.

Today, I took photos of a clear glass cup and saucer and a straight-sided beer glass to accompany whichever wine glass I decide to use. I like the reflections on the cup and saucer but I am not thrilled with those on the beer glass. I may have to try this again. I changed the photos to black and white and used various filters on them. I took both at f/16 with a relatively slow shutter speed.

Day 208-3-2

Day 208-7-3

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