2013—Day 243—¡HOT!

My favorite strawberry farm also sells veggies sometimes and today Granny May had hot chiles. I have no idea what they are but she said they are hot. I suspect they are Thai chiles because Granny May is Hmong—Granny May being a traditional Hmong name—so I guess the Spanish exclamation point is out of place in the title of this blog.

Day 243-35

2013–Day 241—Chicago Fire

Acoustic pizza box was a new concept in instruments to me until Thursday evening when Rick Taylor, playing with Lane Baldwin at Famous Mo’s, used this 12 inch pizza box from Chicago Fire (in preference to the 16″ option that was also available) to add percussion to the acoustic guitars of Lane and David Tan. I was fascinated and the sound was great. At the end of the show, I had the band sign the pizza boxes to keep along with their signed poster. After all, this instrument is a bit easier to replace than an entire drum kit!

Lane Baldwin 8-29-13-57

Lane Baldwin 8-29-13-494

2013–Day 237—!Wow

There was an unusual amount of activity this morning at Famous Mo’s, unusual because we are closed Sundays, but we were open briefly this morning serving coffee and breakfast. We found out yesterday that a local TV show, Good Day Sacramento, needed some “filler” for their Sunday morning broadcast and because they were already going to an event in Rocklin mid morning, they chose to visit Famous Mo’s and to film a 30 second commercial, at no cost to us. Filming commercials, actually time fillers that air a couple of times only during the morning’s three hour broadcast, is something they do for selected mom and pop shops and they apparently consider Famous Mo’s a “mom and pop shop.”

Melissa Cabral from Good Day Sacramento burst enthusiastically into Famous Mo’s about 6:45am and exclaimed that she loved the “Now Serving Lunch!Wow” sign we have hanging near the entry. The “!Wow” part of the sign is actually a single typed character of a font called “Roarin’ Twenties Counterfeit” and the exclamation point includes the wow, underlined and curved. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and I use it often in signs that I make for Famous Mo’s, including the large banner that caught Melissa’s eye. !Wow became the theme for the commercial, and you will understand the !Wow thing when you view the actual commercial. My photo today is one I took of Melissa, after the commercial was filmed, posing for me as she waxes ecstatic over the !Wow.

There are two video segments that aired live this morning. Background Segment and Commercial. You will have to put up with a real commercial before ours airs. After the commercial aired, the Good Day Sacramento Anchor, Amy Carabba, commented that she loved the lady at the drive-thru——that would be me! Wait, does this mean I could possibly make a career, (it would be my third, !Wow) in commercials? !Wow.

Mick Martin 8-24-13-394

2013—Day 235—Beyond Standard

Last night a Bay Area jazz quintet called Beyond Standard Jazz played at Famous Mo’s. Their music is not at all standard jazz. It is more of a fusion of many styles and made for a fascinating musical evening. Jeff Chambers is the bassist for BSJ and his Yamaha Silent Upright Bass—and there’s nothing silent about it!—fascinated me, right down to the leopard “G-string” he put on it. Jeff shows the essence of cool while he is playing this definitely beyond standard bass.

Beyond Standard Jazz-15

2013—Day 233—Frankentomato

I found this heirloom tomato at Raley’s this afternoon and normally wouldn’t have given it a second glance except that two of the staff at Famous Mo’s have been plaguing me about Halloween, still more than two months away, and now everywhere I go I find Halloween displays, even candy . . . can one really keep from eating the Halloween candy for more than two months? So when this tomato appeared to be looking at me through one crazed eyeball stitched into its head and with blood red teeth, I knew I had to bring it home with me.

Day 233-46

2013—Day 232—On The Wing

I never tire of taking photos of the hummingbirds. My hummers were cooperative this morning—there were two of them—but my camera lens wouldn’t stay focused because of some inadvertent changes I made to the auto focus settings so I’ll have to do something about that. In the mean time, I did capture a few shots of one in motion. The only thing in focus on the last shot is the branch he’s leaving but that makes the shot kind of interesting to me.

Day 232-42

Day 232-41

Day 232-34

2013—Day 230—Woman At Work

Occasionally on my blog, I feature “men at work” because I find working scenarios interesting and different from the usual fare that I showcase. Today I am featuring a woman at work…ME! I began the saga of me at work in yesterday’s blog entry so I won’t repeat myself today. Here I am sawing away. By the way, this shot is SOOC (straight out of the camera), something I haven’t done since I discovered it is appropriate and acceptable to improve upon RAW photos by developing them in Lightroom, the digitial equivalent of the dark room of film days.

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100

Day 229-113

2013—Day 229 Part 2—Pray For Me

Working in the yard this afternoon, I encountered this tiny praying mantis barely more than an inch, who kept his eye on me the entire time I tried to photograph him. The color in the background is some garden tools that I was using to dismantle a large tree branch that crashed from the neighbor’s tree into my yard (taking away my afternoon shade) and the mantis is perched on what’s left of the branch. I had to invoke my inner Ron Smith, my late husband who I swear could cut up a 40 foot oak tree and stuff it all into a single green waste container. I managed to cut and saw everything into small enough pieces and stuff most of the branchlets and all of the foliage, into my green waste container. I think even Ron would be impressed with my accomplishment. Plus, the endless dumbbell rows I do at the gym paid off when I sawed off the branches, making the task relatively easy. The heavier branches have really weighted down the container so the mantis is praying that I can manage to schlepp this heavy can to the curb on pick up day. Now only the 6 inch diameter carcass of the fallen branch remains, too heavy for me to move off the lawn. Maybe the mantis will also pray that somebody will appear with a chain saw and cut it up for me.

Day 229-100

2013—Day 228—Fissure

This afternoon, I sat out on my patio for a few minutes, despite the heat, just to relax and enjoy my yard for a brief respite. I could hear the baby jays squawking in the shrubs and the hummingbird scolding me to go back inside. I fixated on a weathered trellis that supports one of my sorely neglected roses. Cropped like this, it reminds me of a fissured rock wall.

Focal Length 185mm
ISO 100

Day 228-53