2013—Day 128—They’re Back!

For the first time in more than a month, I saw one of the hummingbirds. I considered taking a minute to change to the 70-200mm lens but I was afraid he’d disappear before I got outside so I ran out with my camera with the 24-70mm lens attached. He’d finished his bath and was preening in the shrubs by the time I got outside so I turned on the flash, focused on him high up in the shrubs. I was happy to see that the hummers are still around. I thought I’d lost them because my fountain was on the fritz and there was no water in it for them to bathe for about 6 weeks. It’s been working again for over a week and this was the first time I’d seen one bathing again.

This shot is cropped. . .cropped a lot!

Day 128-4

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