2013—Day 141—Preening

I caught the hummer preening after his bath this morning. I couldn’t decide which shots I liked best so I posted several. I used my speed light and the 70-200mm lens but I snapped the shots so quickly the speed light didn’t recycle in time. Bummer. But a little tweaking in Lightroom seemed to remedy the situation. I think I am finally over my SOOC fixation! I tried getting the light area behind its head in all the shots but didn’t manage it. The first shot is my favorite because the beak is open a bit and the lighting is very different despite all of these shots getting almost identical processing in LR. I think the flash was at its lowest recycle point.

Day 141-94

Day 141-90

Day 141-81

Day 141-53

Day 141-52

Day 141-49

Day 141-47