2013—Day 126—Mady and the Goose

One of my two favorite Goldens spent the night with me and this morning I took a few shots before she left with my brother and sister-in-law. I seem to have forgotten just about everything I have learned about photography and most of the shots of Mady had giant stumps growing out of her head. I was trying my 14-24mm lens to see if I could get a looming snout (an unsuccessful attempt) and I liked this one the best, despite focusing on her eye instead of her nose. The crape myrtle seems to be growing from the top of her head so I used a bit of vignetting to minimize it.

Later today, at Mo’s where there is an official Goose Crossing sign and which the geese never heed, crossing wherever they want, I went out to photograph the geese and their goslings but found the goslings all gone and only the mature geese in our parking lot feeding on whatever emerges from an asphalt parking lot after a rain. This shot looks almost as if the goose were on a sandy beach instead of asphalt.

I took a bit of poetic license to title my blog today. I have a shot of Mady and a shot of a goose. Mady and the goose were never in a position to photograph together.
Day 126-20

Day 126-74

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  1. Love the Mady photo! The bush behind does not detract- it’s a cute shot! Good goose photo too!

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