2013—Day 114—No Holds Barred

I find it fascinating that a shallow depth of field can obliterate cage bars. I first learned this when I took an on-line photography class and for one of my assignments, I visited the Folsom zoo and took photos through the bars, featuring the animals while obscuring the cage bars. This evening, I was sitting at my kitchen table visiting with a friend, drinking a lovely red wine blend called Hot To Trot from 14 Hands Winery in Washington State, when I realized how lax I have become about my blog lately and that once again, I failed to take a photo today. My favorite subject, Bobo, was sitting dejectedly in the cage door opening feeling ignored, and she looked so cute I decided I’d take a photo. In this shot, one of the solid cage bars between the lens and Bobo bisects her eyeball but through the wonders of photography and a wide open lens those bars magically disappear and do not detract from the shot.

Day 114-9