2013—Day 98—Reflecting On An Iris

My Dutch iris, like my roses, suffer from benign neglect but they produce year after year without so much as a kernel of fertilizer and only the water they get from rain and the occasional sprinkle when the sprinklers are working properly. At this time every year they reward me with a brief appearance. I clipped a bunch when I got home this evening and posed one in front of a very old mirror. The original photograph shows a nicely focused iris reflected in the mirror. A little tweaking of clarity and shadows in Adobe Lightroom resulted in this image from the same photo. Tweaking brought out more reflections around the edges of the iris in the mirror and it turned the ancient mirror’s flaws from eroding silver into fascinating bokeh.

Day 98-28

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100

This is the original photograph without clarity or shadow adjustments.

Day 98-28-2