2013—Day 103—Boop

It started out innocently enough: Go to Action Camera to:
1) get my sensor cleaned;
2) ask them to unscrew my cross-threaded filters, one a polarizing filter and one a UV filter, that I managed to cross thread on one of my Grand Canyon shoots while my fingers were too numb to press the shutter release, let alone screw one delicate filter onto another; and
3) browse.

I got my sensor cleaned; they were unable to separate those filters; but, they were happy to share their inventory with me.

The browsing part is what got me into trouble. “May I look at a D600? A D7100? The new 18-35mm lens? Oh, wait, how about letting me see the 14-24mm f/2.8?” With the last of a family inheritance burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn’t resist that wide angle, almost fish-eye, lens. All of the guys on my Grand Canyon photo shoot had one. I lusted after it. And, now I own it! I got home too late to try anything that would make this wide angle lens shine but I had to put it on and take some shots. My Betty Boop rose was the best candidate for a photo at almost 7:30 this evening. Oh, yeah. Good glass! I cropped this shot so the wide angle-ness isn’t shown here but tomorrow I plan to go a-landscaping!

Day 103-38

2013—Day 102—Hands On

Lots of hands at Mo’s last night. Here are just a few of the shots I took.

Jeff Minnieweather on drums:

Day 102-104

Scott Pollard on keyboard:

Day 102-107-2

Darius Babazadeh wailing on sax:

Day 102-221
Chris on the sound board:

Day 102-159

Sean preparing to serve a roast beef crostini plate:

Day 102-55-2