2013—Day 109—WTF???

You’d think that after all this time (Day 109 of year 3!!!!) I’d get it right. My dear friend, photography cohort, and college roommate, Melinda, and her husband Lonnie, found their way to Rocklin from Benicia and joined me at Famous Mo’s Coffeehouse & Theater for lunch. I was excited to show off my new restaurant and my newly found barista skills to them. How hard could it be to take a “snapshot” of them enjoying their lunches? Well, obviously, hard enough. I don’t know what I was thinking but I managed to focus on Lonnie instead of making sure they were both in focus because I had the aperture wide open to let in more light. That was my first mistake. It would have been a great shot, one I would have loved to use on our website—and may still do so—afterall, Lonnie is featured on my photo wall at Mo’s, his hand shown toasting with a glass of wine. The face behind the toast! I liked this shot after a quick glance at the LCD screen on my D800. I’m going to have to pay closer attention to details.

So, here is my big mistake today. I love the composition and the expressions. I hate the focus and the aperture.

Day 109-3

Focal Length 36mm
ISO 800