2013—Day 95—Mo’s Famous Cobb

Food photography is difficult, even with a food stylist helping. This afternoon, Lisa, Famous Mo’s kitchen manager and our chef, acted as my food stylist after she made me a Mo’s Famous Cobb salad for lunch. When she served the salad, I realized it was a beautiful thing and worthy of a photograph. I have taken very few photos of the food served at Famous Mo’s yet because I have been so busy with other aspects of the business that I am neglecting my primary task, that of Famous Mo’s house photographer. So, with Lisa’s help, lots of readjustments to the food on the plate, and with terrible lighting, I rushed through the several shots I took because I didn’t want customers to come in while we were manhandling the salad on my plate. They might have found it unappetizing. This was the best shot of the several I took and while I am not completely happy with it, I loved the salad and ate every morsel on the plate.

Day 95-25-2