Day 311—Flying Gravel

Today they sawed through the concrete wall at Famous Mo’s to make way for the drive-thru window. It was a very dirty and messy job and there is dirt and concrete dust everywhere. I took lots of shots of the demolition, a few of which I posted on Famous Mo’s Facebook page and here are a couple of the clean up. I had lots of light this afternoon so I was able to use a fast shutter speed to get the flying gravel stopped in midair. In the first shot, Jesse is shoveling debris into his truck bed to take to the dump and in the second, Rich is cleaning the hole in the wall for the window. I love the flying gravel.

Focal Length 48mm
ISO 100

Focal Length 70mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 311—Flying Gravel

  1. Love the action shots! Nice work! Not totally clear on the concept though- is the drive up part for the coffee?

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