Day 314—Anatomy Of A Cappuccino

Today we spent a couple of hours discussing our coffee menu with Gene Lemos, the owner of Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee in Rocklin. We will feature Vaneli’s coffee, first because it is the best coffee I have ever tasted, and second, because it is roasted locally. Gene, and everyone at Vaneli’s, is passionate and knowledgeable about coffee. Upon our arrival, Gene offered us a drink. I had a cappuccino and Jesse and Rich, neither one die hard coffee drinkers, had mochas. The cappuccino was as good, if not better, than any I had in Italy last fall and the taste of mocha that Gene served me in a tiny espresso cup, left over from the others, was smooth, creamy, and chocolaty; in short, a perfect mocha. Gene and his staff will be giving us barista training when the time comes. We are thrilled with the opportunity. And Gene made the drinks himself which we enjoyed during our discussions. After our meeting, we joined the rest of the staff at Vaneli’s for their monthly barbecue lunch. What a great group of people. They made us feel welcome and comfortable, eating amidst the bags of coffee beans and espresso machine parts in a large warehouse. What a fun day.