Day 328—Dog Slobber

For the most part, I am meticulous about keeping my camera clean. Today, however, it’s covered with dog slobber. No, Mady didn’t try to eat it. I put it there myself as I depressed the shutter release and made exposure adjustments with slobber-slick fingers from throwing the tennis ball over and over for Mady who pranced and trolloped around the yard. Despite my efforts to get her or the ball stopped midair, I didn’t like any of the action shots I took because the back yard is in deep shade now and the photos weren’t as sharp and crisp as I wanted. So, I’m posting my favorites, all closeups. In the first, she’s sniffing the Thai Basil, preparatory to munching on it. I guess she likes Thai Basil because she kept eating it. In the second, she lay in the only sunny spot in the yard, in the middle of a shrub with her tennis ball. I love closeups of dog noses and I especially like this one. In the last, she runs toward me with the retrieved tennis ball, ready for another romp.