Day 284—Bandit Approves

Bandit, the cutest Welsh Corgi on the planet, came to visit us at Famous Mo’s today. His main interest was exploring the Douglas fir floor that we’re in the process of installing … and we’re thrilled that Bandit approves!

Here’s Bandit surveying the expanse in front of him:

Here’s Bandit, curious about the sound of the chop saw that suddenly screeched nearby:

And, while this shot has absolutely nothing to do with Bandit’s approval of our new floor, who could resist those eyes?

2 thoughts on “Day 284—Bandit Approves

  1. Beautiful dog portraits (and beautiful dog!)! Oh, the clarity! I think all 3 photos are lovely- I like the environmental portraits a lot- but there is something so sweet about the close-up! And the floor is looking very nice as well!

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