Day 277—The Group W Bench

I listened to Arlo Guthrie’s 1967 twenty minute monologue and anti-draft protest, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” so many times that I had most of it memorized. For some reason, this morning when I photographed this bench seat for the Flickr “minimalist” challenge, Arlo’s words came to mind, “…and they all moved away…” when he revealed to the “mean nasty ugly people” on the bench who were “mother rapers” and “father stabbers,” among other things, that he had been sent to sit on the Group W bench with them at his draft physical because he had been arrested for . . . littering!

I resisted adding to the photo some “circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back telling what each one was” and now I can’t get that song out of my head. So, today’s shot is my attempt at minimalism.

One thought on “Day 277—The Group W Bench

  1. I love the lines and simplicity of this shot- and the wee little bokeh moon at lower left! Excellent photo- and very minimalistic!
    Watch out for those father stabbers and mother rapers! And for pete’s sake, don’t LITTER!

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