Day 76—A New Low

Today, I think I reached a new low. Two things happened. First, I failed to ask permission to take a photo in a retail establishment, and second, because of that transgression, I came very close to being kicked out of WalMart. Yes, WalMart. I ask you, who gets kicked out of WalMart? Only the dregs, the worst of the worst. And here I was, right there with this unsavory bunch. WalMart is NOT on my list of favorite places to shop and, in fact, I never go to WalMart except when I happen to be with someone who wants to go to WalMart, which is rare, and I try to avoid such occurrences. However, today was one of those unavoidable days. We walked into WalMart, I hadn’t taken my shot for the day yet, it was mid afternoon, there were balloons on the ceiling, and today’s daily theme topic was “up in the air.” I looked around for someone to ask, saw no one, decided to take a shot anyway, despite not having permission. I took two shots and my friend pointed out the reflection on one of the balloons so I adjusted my ISO, turned and took two more shots. Then I noticed a burly WalMart security person with a clipboard standing a few feet away, glaring at me. My friend started to explain that I had a blog (no, now is not the time to explain about that) and I looked at the WalMart security person and said, “I take it you don’t want me to take photos” and she said, “it’s against company policy.” She did ask why I was taking photos of the ceiling and I was grateful that she didn’t confiscate my memory card or for that matter, my camera, nor did she ask me to erase the photos. So, I put my camera away, my friend finished her business in WalMart and I left with the four photos I took. This is the most interesting of the four. Post processing required a change in WB from Cloudy to Florescent and a levels adjustment.

Focal Length 105mm
ISO 320
WB Cloudy (corrected to Florescent)

2 thoughts on “Day 76—A New Low

  1. OMG- what an experience! That would shake me up a bit. But I do like the image a LOT! I wish I had thought of shooting INSIDE for up in the air! Nice composition- and negative (I think) space surrounding the balloon. I like the contrast of the red and white.

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