Day 72—Fantastic

Today’s challenge topic is “cool.” I don’t have any Ray-Bans so I couldn’t take a photo of a pair of cool shades. Although the weather’s finally cooling a bit I didn’t think anything I’d photograph would show that it’s cooler. Then it occurred to me that a fan might indicate coolness and it might be interesting to see if I could capture, to my satisfaction, ribbons blown around by a fan. It doesn’t have quite the dramatic effect I thought I’d get, but I was short of colored ribbons. A red or pink ribbon would have added some punch. The ribbons look a bit like random crayon squiggles but they’re blowing in the breeze produced by the fan, cooling the surrounding air.

I have made some camera adjustments. I turned off Active D lighting and I think it may have helped my exposure. I thought I’d returned the camera to ISO 200 but old habits die hard and it’s set at 100. I adjusted levels to blow out the white background as much as possible, burned the ribbons so they’d show a bit more and cropped.

Focal Length 48mm
ISO 100
Levels, burn, crop

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