Day 62 part 2—Blue Moon

I thought I’d continue with a celestial color theme on the blog today and in a way, the moon, as the earth’s satellite, could quality for the “earth, wind, or fire” challenge if you stretch things just a bit. When I went off to get the mail, the sky was a brilliant blue and the moon was brilliant as well. I set up the tripod on the front lawn and used the remote trigger to prevent jiggling the long lens. I cropped the photo then added some curves and some levels to make the contrast more dramatic and to make the moon’s craters more prominent resulting in this very blue moon. I realize this really isn’t a “blue moon” because they only occur, well, once in a blue moon, and the current moon phase is waxing gibbous, 68%, not full. I’ll try to remember that the next real blue moon will occur this year on August 31 and feature it on the blog. The last blue moon was on December 31, 2009. Oh, a blue moon is when a second full moon occurs within the same calendar month.

One thought on “Day 62 part 2—Blue Moon

  1. That is really beautiful! I love the composition with the out of focus branches- and of course the gorgeous moon. The blue tones are lovely!

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