Day 243—I Never Saw A Purple Cow.

I never hope to see one.
But I can tell you anyhow
I’d rather see than be one.

I have always loved that nonsensical poem. I learned it as a child, and until just a few minutes ago, I thought it was written by Ogden Nash. Not so. It was penned by Gelett Burgess, in 1895. Who knew? Obviously not me. But, what’s with the purple cow, you ask?

Well, today I was busy finalizing trip details, and pampering myself: massage, lunch with a friend, my first ever professional pedicure. So my photo today slipped my mind. When I walked outside to look at my patio to make sure no plants were dying out there, I glanced over at the purple garden table my husband built years ago. I was not thrilled with the prospect of having a purple table in the yard and he built two! He carefully selected the paint color and then painted them to make them look weathered. At that time, I recited this poem to make myself realize that if it was something Ron wanted to do, what difference could it possibly make to me? I’ve come to love those tables. And now, they really are weathered and a bit wobbly.

The late afternoon sun striking the side of one of the tables caught my eye and I remembered that I hadn’t photographed anything yet today. So, out came the camera. I tried adjusting the white balance to get the exact color of the table but now realize the camera’s LCD screen does not render accurate color. So, I made a slight purple hue adjustment in the color panel in Aperture and got the exact color of the table.

Focal Length 200mm
ISO 100

One thought on “Day 243—I Never Saw A Purple Cow.

  1. Very nice shot- composed well and pleasing to the eye- even though you are not a fan of the color. I like the weathered look- and even the color (I’m a big fan of purple)! And kudos on getting your photo done so close to your departure date!

    Are you going to be able to edit your photos on your iPad???? Or will you just do SOOC (you are such a precise and careful shooter that probably won’t be a problem!)? It would be a big prob for me- the “shoot a million quick photos and rescue them later” girl- although I am working on that issue! 🙂

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