Day 44—Limoncello: Day 1

This is Day 44 of my 365 project and Day 1 of my limoncello project. I had to do something with all those lemons! Today, I zested the peel off 30 Meyer lemons and immersed the zest into a vat (well, a 3 liter French canning jar) of Everclear. Everclear is 151 proof grain alcohol. In three weeks, I’ll be ready to continue making limoncello and better than limoncello, I’ll make some crema di limoncello, too. That all needs to mellow for about year, so I guess I’ll be giving it as Christmas gifts. I tasted crema di limoncello in a pasta class I took at Whole Foods about a year ago and the instructor, Dennis Kercher, was kind enough to share his recipe. Today, when I asked him a zillion questions on Facebook, he linked me to a video he made on how to make it.

I chose this photo as my photo of the day because I tried to get a clear focus on the Everclear name on the bottle, since I am still struggling to get things in focus. I think the A might be in focus.

35mm lens
ISO 1250
Auto White Balance

One thought on “Day 44—Limoncello: Day 1

  1. Nice photo! I’m enjoying all these lemon pics- and I think the focus is excellent! Your depth of field is so shallow at 1.8 when you are this close- I think it would be have to be impossible to get all the bottle in focus. I haven’t tried crema di limoncello- that sounds yummy!

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