Day 47—Rosemary, but No Parsley, Sage, or Thyme

Rosemary is used for landscaping here and my gym landscaping is no exception. When I left the gym today, the sun had finally emerged and the rosemary was particularly lovely because it is in bloom. This was the second shot I took of dozens. The remainder were either washed out due to the angle of the sun, or uninteresting composition. I like the dark background, the shallow depth of field, the slight bokeh effect, and even the focus of this shot. However, I realized after I stopped taking photos that my metering was set to center weighted average instead of spot metering, which is my preference. I am coming to the conclusion that I need to develop habits for resetting my camera at the end or beginning of each session so that my random exposure experiments don’t adversely affect my photos. I make adjustments in ISO, aperture, and shutter speed with most shots but I forget to double check my metering settings and my white balance settings. This photography thing is turning out to be more taxing on my feeble brain than I ever imagined!

Lens at 200mm
ISO 100