Day 55—Engine No. 5050

I thought a good photo for the day would be the 55MPH speed limit sign because today is Day 55 of this project. However, that seemed a little dicey, what with having to stop on the freeway and all. Plus, it was miserably rainy. I met with my tax guy this afternoon and he suggested I photograph their sign. I took a couple of shots but was not happy with those. On the way home, I approached the Roseville Rail Yard and a long string of bright yellow Union Pacific engines appeared, stopped in their tracks so to speak. The color was bright and cheerful and I quickly forgot my tax concerns. I pulled over and took several photos. If it hadn’t been pouring, I would have walked down the road to get the full effect of the long string of engines setting there, but I wanted to stay dry. As it was, the rain blew in through my open car window and quickly puddled around the window and lock mechanisms in the door and blew onto the camera lens so I abandoned the effort. When I got home, I realized that one of the engines I photographed was No. 5050, as close as I was going to get today to 55. So, here is Union Pacific Engine No. 5050. If you look closely, you can see the rain falling, especially in front the brown parts of the engine.

I increased exposure, highlights and shadows in Aperture to bring out the clouds and brighten the engine a little.

Lens at 48mm
ISO 200