Day 49 Part 3—Water, Water Everywhere. . .Part 3

Somebody stop me! It’s 10:30PM and I’ve already posted twice today and here I am again. I came upstairs to go to bed and looked out the window which was covered with raindrops and the street lights were glowing and I ran down and got my camera to take yet more water photos.

I switched lenses to see what a difference it might make. The 35mm lens had wider view so I was able to get more bokeh but I didn’t like the look of the drops as well so I chose the one taken with my 18-200 mm lens. I published a couple others I liked on Flickr.

18-200mm Lens at 200mm
ISO 500

Day 49 Part 2 — Water, Water Everywhere . . . Part 2

Errands had me out in the ridiculous rain this afternoon. When I got back into my car after one of my errands, I noticed the car windows were covered with drops. I had my camera, so whoever was waiting for me to vacate my parking spot had to wait another ten minutes for me to finish taking drop photos. I experimented with ISO and shutter speed and got some interesting results.

I took these two shots facing the passenger window using different shutter speeds, focal lengths, and ISOs but the same aperture.

Lens at 200mm
ISO 200

Lens at 112mm
ISO 500

I find them both intriguing; the second shot is closer to the actual lighting but I like the darker one. You can see a splash on the windshield in the lower right quadrant of the second photo. And they both have a little bit of bokeh. But the bhe best part is that I took these shots in just a few minutes.

Day 49—New Hardware

Yesterday, I had pull-outs installed in place of the cupboard doors and shelves in my upstairs linen cabinet. Ever since I remodeled my kitchen and installed pull-outs instead of shelves and doors in my lower kitchen cabinets, I have wanted to do that because they are so much more convenient. Now, having to kneel down to see what’s in a cavernous lower shelf is a thing of the past, upstairs as well as down.

The hardware I installed was leftover from another project. I think the shadow they cast is interesting and I like the depth of field in this photo. What gave me trouble, though, was the horizontal plane. In almost every shot, the cup pull appeared to be falling forward, probably because of the wood grain. I kept changing angles but still ended up with the same result. I had to straighten every photo in Aperture.

I adjusted the White Balance in the camera to Incandescent and made a slight change in the incandescent color graph to get the exact color of the wood under the lights but I had to increase the exposure just a little (+.32) in Aperture because despite the colors being correct, the overall photo appeared too dark.

35mm lens
ISO 640