2023—My Daily Visitor

There was lots more snow yesterday than the day before and it was at least 25 degrees colder but when my daily Mule Deer visitors came yesterday, snow hadn’t been falling so their coats were free of snow. Instead of snow however, globs of ice clung to the eyelashes on the left side of this doe’s head. She munched the flixweed growing in the space between the road to Yellowstone and my room. Unfortunately, the weather turned out to be treacherous for many early arrivals at the park yesterday. The road to Mammoth from Gardiner was closed when we arrived at the Entrance because accident scenes blocked it. It took hours to clear the accidents and because of the hazardous conditions, the park was closed to visitors while the park service worked to make the roads safer for driving. On our last two days here, we were unable to enter the park. Despite that, however, we had a great time and our two days in the park were very special, indeed.

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