2023—Artist’s Paint Pot

Visiting Artist’s Paint Pots in Yellowstone National Park a couple of days ago was a first for me in Yellowstone. This mesmerizing wonder is a mile walk off the main road on a trail head through the forest that culminates in the bubbling, spewing paint pots at the top. I’ve been to the Mud Pots and Artist’s Point but watching the thick mud splatter to the sounds of burps and burbles accompanied by the pungent odor of rotten eggs at Artist’s Paint Pots was a memorable experience for me. Some microorganisms use hydrogen sulfide from deep in the earth as an energy source that breaks down rock into wet clay mud and creates the area’s smell. As various gases escape through the wet clay mud it bubbles and spews. I can’t recreate the sound or the aroma but I did create a gif to illustrate a little of what I experienced. You can see all kinds of things in the exploding bubbles. I see a barfing head.

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