2023—Looking Forward

My camera is always nearby when I am at home so that when the Hummingbirds are feeding or the Bushtits are bathing, I can grab it and go outside to photograph them. I am feeling very nostalgic about the birds that visit and live in my garden because within a week, I’ll have moved away from them. As fall gets underway, the late blooming flowers are putting on quite the show. The California Fuchsia is in full bloom, enticing this female Anna’s Hummingbird to sample every open blossom. I am encouraged that new hummers will find me when I move. On Sunday, I showed my new home to my friend Moose who was in town for an aviation event and while we were on the patio, two Anna’s Hummingbirds visited a Lantana blooming in the garden. So, while I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the birds that have thrived here for many generations, I look forward to meeting all of the birds at my new home.

2023—A Better View

Kodiak Brown Bears are big bears and by the time the cubs are three or so as this cub is, they’re quite imposing figures. When something catches their attention that is off in the distance a bit, they will stand on their hind legs to get a better view. A standing Kodiak Brown Bear is even more imposing than one standing on all fours. We watched mama bear do it and the cubs learned from her. We didn’t know what caught this cub’s attention but it suddenly stood up and stared across to the other bank of the river. It must not have been much of a threat though, as Mama Bear, in the background, didn’t take notice and after a few seconds, the cub dropped down to all fours again and resumed fishing for salmon.