2023—Back to the Bears

We fly in a Beaver so we can photograph Kodiak Brown Bears. Willy, the pilot from Kodiak Air Service, lands in Mush Bay and taxis to the beach at Rohrer Bear Camp. We emerge from the Beaver wearing hip boots which we wear most of the time at Bear Camp beginning with disembarking into the ankle deep water. The rest of the week, as Chris and Brett guided the boats to the flats so we could see bears, hip boots kept our feet dry as the tides ebbed and grew around us. Our shooting schedules were dependent on the tides both to get us to the flats and to see the bears who appeared on the flats as the grasses emerged through the ebbing tide. What an amazing week of Kodiak Bear photography. On our last day we saw at least 18 individual bears and throughout the week, we watched a few mother bears with one or more cubs. I can’t wait to come back for another memorable experience in this pristine wilderness that is unlike any other I have experienced.

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