2023—The Lookout

We saw the three Red Fox pups for a couple of hours one afternoon on the edge of the parking lot at Magee Marsh. We think their parents left them there temporarily in a well camouflaged, safe spot (a huge rotting tree trunk covered in vines) while they were off hunting. Of course being pups, they did not stay inside the safe spot. They ventured out but stayed close to the log. They appeared to be somewhat wary of the gaggle of photographers that had gathered at the edge of the parking lot, but that did not deter them from exploring. Their antics were adorable. Two of them seemed more adventurous than the third, who usually disappeared inside the safe spot. They would climb the logs surrounding the area and look around or flop down in the sunshine. They would grab a piece of wood chewing on it and flipping it around. In this shot, one of the pups seems to have lookout duties as its sibling roots around in search of something to chew on.