2023—A Bear’s Eye View

The pristine wilderness of Kodiak Island is unlike any place I have ever been. Last week we were almost always outnumbered by Kodiak Brown Bears that we could see with the naked eye. With that many in plain view, there were surely many more over the hilltop or around the bend in the river that were out of sight. We were privileged to join them in their home and they seemed to accept our presence because we have been good guests. On our last day of shooting on Kodiak Island, we found ourselves waiting for the tides to expose more of the nutritious grasses that the Kodiak Browns feast on in spring, and for the bears to saunter over to eat. I realized we were standing right where some of the bears we photographed this week and on past visits have stood. We were surrounded by munched-on grass. With that in mind, I captured a “bear’s eye view” of the landscape, looking back up the Uganik River.