2023—Clear View

Tuesday in Sax-Zim Bog was quite a contrast to the cold but sunny day on Monday. The morning was foggy like the day before but instead of starting the day at 4° it was a comparatively balmy 27°. By mid morning the fog burned off revealing a gray and overcast sky. We visited Loretta’s feeders to see what birds were in this small patch of woods where several feeders are kept stocked with seed and suet by the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog and many homeowners in the area. When we arrived late morning, a gregarious flock of brightly colored Evening Grosbeaks was congregating in the surrounding trees eyeing the feeders. Despite the higher temperatures, it was still below freezing in the Bog and I stayed as motionless as possible standing knee deep in snow. In early afternoon, this handsome male landed in one of the few places where I had a clear view, unobstructed by twigs, leaves, and branches. Because my movement would cause them to fly off, I was pretty much stuck there so I found the one branch with an unobstructed view and focused there, hoping the birds would choose that perch. I was lucky he landed exactly where he landed. I guess he had a clear view of the feeder while I had a clear view of him.

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