2023—On the Prowl

On our second day in Yellowstone, we encountered an old friend, a lone Coyote prowling across the snow. It stopped to sniff at the scent markings left by the River Otters we’d photographed in the same area earlier, then continued on its way. My friends Richard and Bob also posted photographs of this coyote with the “On the Prowl” title to their blogs so not to be left out, I’m adding an extra post to catch up with the competition. Click here to see Bob’s post and click here to see Richard’s post.

2023—Frosting on the Trees

Silex Spring, a turquoise colored pool near the start of the trail at Fountain Paint Pots in Yellowstone National Park has an average temperature of 174.7°F according to the National Park Service. It emits a constant cloud of steam and in the extreme cold of winter, the steam settles on the surrounding trees and freezes into a thick frosting like coating. Although this images appears to be black and white, it is actually a color image.