2023—New Man in Town

The atmospheric river that engulfed Northern California over New Year’s weekend devastated lots of areas around here and I’m lucky that I live on high ground and not in a flood prone area. The high winds that accompanied the rainfall wreaked havoc on trees, downing some and knocking branches off many, including in my backyard. One of the downed branches was the place from which Mr. Anna tended to survey the yard. I was very worried about what may have happened to all the birds in the storm and I saw no birds until Monday when I noticed a Hummingbird at a feeder. I assumed it was Mr. Anna, but it may not have been. Yesterday, I discovered that there’s a new man in town. When I went out with my camera yesterday afternoon, I expected the hummer to be Mr. Anna but this bird looked entirely different and he is just now getting the feathers that will create his colorful gorget. Currently, he has lots of pin feathers dotting his face and head. I don’t recall seeing an Anna’s Hummingbird with pinfeathers. Now I have to come up with a name for him. While my first thought was to call him “Pinhead,” that doesn’t seem appropriate because he’ll soon emerge with that glorious gorget. He has a distinctive beak, however. It’s lumpy, not smooth and straight like Mr. Anna’s. I think I’ll call him Snoot. Hopefully, Mr. Anna is just away temporarily and will return, but in the meantime, Snoot seems to have claimed the yard.