2022—Ball of Fluff

The Bushtit Brigade arrives every morning to bathe in the millstone fountain. Some days, they hide in the Photinea before hopping down onto the flat surface. I hear them tittering before I see them. Then they give themselves away when the leaves start to vibrate as they hop from twig to twig deciding when is the best time to jump in. Yesterday morning, the sky was heavy with clouds, an unusual occurrence in summer here but a welcome respite from the unrelenting 100+ temperatures we’ve suffered through the past two weeks and that are predicted for the upcoming two weeks. I am hopeful that the clouds and moisture will give firefighters here in California a break to gain control and containment of some of the wildfires currently burning here. But, back to the Bushtits. The little brigade allowed me to walk out onto the patio and sit down in front of the fountain without flying off. They assembled in the shrubs and hopped hither and thither. This little male Bushtit is all fluffed up in anticipation of hopping down to the fountain for a proper bath. A couple of seconds after I took this shot, he was in the fountain and drenched.

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