2022—No More Corrective Lenses

One day, when I was in the fifth grade, I looked at the blackboard and saw only fuzziness. Thus began 65 years of wearing corrective lenses. In my junior year in high school, I switched from glasses to contact lenses. I was excited to show my classmates the “new me” without glasses. A girl in my first period class told me that without my glasses, I’d lost all my personality. My elation was instantly deflated. I didn’t really believe that all my personality was tied up in those cat-eye spectacles, did I? For some reason, I kept them for the past 60 years so maybe deep down I was uncertain about it. Not any more, though. Here they are making one final appearance. I took this photograph to commemorate a new era in vision for me, one without reliance on external correction.

Thanks to Dr. Matin Koshnevis, AKA Dr. K, my cloudy, cataract yellowed lenses have been replaced with high tech lenses that have restored my vision.  He promised he’d give me young eyes and he did.  One lens gives me crystal clear 20/20 vision for distance so I can focus my camera lens, the other gives me sharp closeup vision so I can finish the images on my computer.  The new lenses have restored the white balance in my eyes and I now see accurate colors again.   I’m not sure what colors I might have seen if I’d created this image a week ago.

Thank you, Dr. K!

This photograph was inspired by Joey Terrill whose Illuminated Photographer courses have given me new insights on areas of photography I am anxious to explore.