2022—Black-chinned Hummers Return!

Anna’s Hummingbirds dominate my garden but the occasional Black-chinned Hummingbird ventures in. I didn’t realize it was a Black-chinned that I’d just photographed until I downloaded the images. I believe it is a juvenile female based on the buff colored feathers under its wings. This image doesn’t show the beak but other images clearly show the longer, decurved beak that differentiates the Black-chinned from the Anna’s. Now I’ll be on the lookout for more Black-chinned hummers and hope to see a male. And, speaking of male hummers, for the first time this year, I watched a mature adult male Anna’s at the feeder, his brilliant gorget glowing the sun. Later, I photographed him bathing in the fountain but there was not a speck of color on his gorget in those images.