2022—Northern Gannet

This is a Northern Gannet. It is the largest seabird in the Atlantic, a pelagic seabird with a wingspan of 6 feet. As a pelagic species, it rarely goes to land, spending most of its life over open water. It comes to land to nest in huge colonies. In 2019, we visited Cape St. Mary’s in Newfoundland to observe the nesting colony of thirty thousand birds on Bird Rock at the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve. The Pandemic has precluded a return visit for three subsequent years as each planned visit had to be deferred. I am hoping to return one day. As my friend Connie might say, this is a “target rich environment” and there is only a single target but there are more than 30,000 of them!

One thought on “2022—Northern Gannet

  1. Hi Carole we just got back from Indiana. My husband’s cousin passed away. Met w/family & friends. Tough way to have a family reunion. I missed the last placer photography meeting. I hope to submit images for August before we leave for Florida to take care of my mother while my sister & her husband go on a very well deserved vacation. We’ll be gone 1 month. Back Sept 10

    I really enjoy your daily post. You add so much information. I get up grab my coffee & see what your new post is.

    When do you leave on your next trip with Moose? I think I remember you saying sometime in September to Australia (?) Sure hope you all can go this time.

    I’m looking forward to the Yellowstone trip in October.

    Stay well & happy shooting…….Yvonne.

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