What an incredible spring-time trip to Yellowstone National Park this has been! It doesn’t feel like spring with the snowstorms. There is definitely a winter vibe in the park now. But that hasn’t affected our encounters with critters. They have been frequent and we’ve been able to photograph many of the critters we’ve seen. This trip has definitely been a Grizzly Bear trip. We’ve been lucky to see Grizzly Bears each day and photographed them three out of the four days. And, we’ve seen four distinct individual Grizzlies at various places in the park. The Grizzly is such an incredible critter to watch. We’ve spotted Grizzlies more than once each day of our trip and have been fortunate to be close enough to photograph them three of the four days. We photographed this bear three days in a row at the same location, Clearwater Creek and saw him at Roaring Mountain on the fourth day. It was so intent on digging for earthworms that it ignored the gathering circus at the edge of the road and stayed out in the open digging under grass clumps and Bison droppings for almost an hour.

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  1. What a great picture , Carol! I’ve been to Yellowstone three times and haven’t seen a grizzly yet. I’m jealous!

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