C D B! D B S A B-Z B. O, S N-D! If you’re not a fan of William Steig, you might not immediately recognize what these letters mean. Just speak them quickly out loud a few times and they’ll reveal themselves. Published in 1968, CDB! is just the kind of word puzzle that I love. My friend Groovy Dave gave it to me back in 1968 because he “thought I might enjoy” it. He knew me well, I guess. My tattered copy, with that inscription, is a precious and well-loved volume. So here’s a hint. This bee (B) is (S) a busy (B-Z) bee (B), as it buzzes around the early-blooming hardenbergia a couple of weeks back. Taken with the Z9 and ZMC 50 macro lens. Oh, and don’t try to translate the Z and ZMC letters. They don’t mean anything.

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