2022—Lots of Movement in One Second

Hummingbirds can move very fast. They hover in place without moving their heads but while still moving their bodies and wings. This image is from the same 20-image burst that I posted yesterday. My Nikon Z9 takes 20 images a second and in that one second, the 20 images show that the hummer started with its wings back, rotated to wings forward and moved its body slightly so that it was parallel to my plane of view instead of facing slightly away, then it moved its wings back and then moved them forward again before changing its body position a second time, tilting down, and disappearing from my view. All in one second. And all while keeping its head perfectly still and allowing me to keep its eye in tack sharp focus in all 20 images until it dropped from view. Both the Z9 and this Anna’s Hummingbird are pretty incredible. Wow is all I can say.