2022—A Cold Morning in Yellowstone

It was negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit that morning but with the sun on our backs, it wasn’t really that uncomfortable. We’d stopped along the Madison River to photograph a small herd of Bison that were still bedded down in the misty morning cold. Everyone but me traipsed down a sloping Bison trail in the snow to get a closer vantage point. Me and walking in snow—not a complementary combination. And when a camera, long lens, and tripod are added to the mix, well, let’s just say that I opted to stay where I was. My companions kept beckoning me to join them. After all, it made for much better photography. And, it was only about a 100 feet away. Down a slope. In snow. When Moose shouted to me that it was a Bison trail, he implied that I wouldn’t sink down any further into the snow. I got up my courage and went down. But, I only managed to do it because Dan, our driver, offered to walk me down. I slung my camera and tripod over my left shoulder, took his arm with my right hand and walked down the gentle slope. I felt a little foolish afterward when I realized it was such a gentle slope and such an easy walk down. And, the photography was indeed significantly better down there, closer to the Bison and more on their level, not looking down on them. Maybe someday I’ll learn to get out of my own way.