2021—Out Foxed

We may not have seen any wolves, our initial intended target subject, but our trip to Yellowstone National Park last week was sensational despite that. Last week was one of my best ever photo shoots with Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. And, on our last day in the park, we spotted a Red Fox in the same meadow that we saw one last year. It is possible that it’s the same Red Fox. We first saw her (it could have been a male) far off in the meadow. But, like last year, she moused her way toward us, crossed the road hear us, then returned to the meadow to mouse again. At first it was just our group but once someone stops in Yellowstone, everyone passing by stops too. At least traffic was at a minimum due to the weather and the fact that most of the park closed the first weekend in November leaving just one road open in the park. One car stopped in the middle of the road, leaving driver and passenger doors wide open. They never seemed to understand the inconvenience they caused to other visitors by doing this. Most others that stopped were more courteous. Then there was the guy who this Red Fox out-foxed. First he parked near us. When the fox moved away, he drove down the road and parked in a camp ground parking lot. He stood on the edge of the meadow trying to locate where the the fox had moved. But by this time we’d watched the fox cross the road behind him. When he finally realized where the fox was he began to pursue it, the fox always two steps ahead. At one point, the fox made a bee-line toward his car in the parking lot and Moose was sure the fox was headed to pee on the guy’s tire. Sure enough, that’s exactly what the fox did. The guy didn’t see that but he when he spotted the fox again, he quickly walked after it, chasing it off into the woods, not to return. When the guy realized he wasn’t going to get any photographs of the fox except photos of it running away from him, he got in his car, stopped to tell us that the fox was in the woods by the campground, then drove off. We’d had more luck with the fox before the guy arrived because we respected it and kept our distance. We were all gleeful that the guy was out-foxed by this Red Fox.