2021—What a Great Start

With the Yellowstone River in the foreground, the Absaroka Range in the background, and a glorious sunrise with clouds, what better way to start our fall Yellowstone adventure? This gorgeous sunrise was the perfect to start and a great introduction for what’s to come this week. Better yet, our first day got even better. No sooner had we photographed this beautiful scene than we came across a band of Pronghorn to photograph. Later in the day we photographed Bison, Elk, and a Bald Eagle. And, on the way out of Yellowstone National Park as the sky darkened into late afternoon, we spotted a large band of Bighorn Sheep on the hillside by the old Yellowstone road. We’re here to photograph wolves but the bovines took center stage on Tuesday. We’re hoping that the canines (wolves, coyotes, red fox) will present themselves sometime during the week but we’re encouraged by all the other critters we’ve seen so far.