2021—The Scarlet Tag

It’s not quite the Scarlet Letter but this Scarlet Tag certainly draws attention to this young bull moose and must have been placed there for a reason. I’m not sure why he was ear-tagged but we saw him near the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. I’ve heard that moose sometimes can be a problem there. The tag is difficult to read but it is from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and printed by hand on the tag are the words: “Do not (word obscured by ID button) if killed before: (blank).” There is an ID number on the button and also printed by hand at the bottom of the red tag but the date is left blank or has washed off. This moose hasn’t matured enough to sport the massive antlers that mature bull moose carry. And, one of his small antlers has already been shed so the other one will probably drop off soon. But the Scarlet Tag will probably be there for a long, long time.