Day Two in Yellowstone was another successful day of photography starting with a band of Bighorn Sheep. We had encountered this band on our way out of the park the night before and were pleased they were still in the area when we returned about 8AM. There were more than forty individuals on Old Yellowstone Road, mostly females and immature males, when we arrived. Nearby, a group of eleven mature rams, including a couple of rams with really big curls, was headed our way…well, headed toward the ewes anyway, We on the side of the road midway between the rams and the larger band of ewes and young sheep that we were photographing in the meadow. We spent almost two hours with these sheep who seemed to accept our presence because we played the game right. When the light got harsh, we packed up, just as the eleven rams decided to take a rest and they all lay down right in front of us. While we were there, a pair of frisky young males were comfortable enough to play a game of chase as we looked on.