2021—I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

It was another cloudless morning in Monument Valley yesterday with just a bit of haze to color the sky as the sun rose. I wanted to photograph the sun positioned directly atop East Mitten’s thumb again as I did two days ago. I used a wider angle lens than my prior shot to show more of the landscape around the rock formation. But, I couldn’t get the effect. I watched as the sun passed behind the thumb and through the opening between thumb and the rest of the mitten then disappeared completely behind in its morning ecliptic. It didn’t even come close to resting atop the thumb as it had two days ago. I had moved the tripod three feet over on my balcony but I don’t think that had any effect. What I suspect is the rotation of the Earth came into play. It is pretty amazing that the Earth’s path can change that much in two days and that there is that much of a difference in the position of the sun in relation to East Mitten. You’d think we’d feel the Earth move under our feet. Or was that just Carole King?

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